THRIVE in the Great Indoors

炉维修 & Replacement in 波特兰, OR

Conveniently Fix or Install Your New 加热 System

波特兰 has some weird weather. Making sure you have the right equipment to handle it is important. At 金字塔加热 & 冷却, our 波特兰 HVAC specialists make it a priority to keep you cozy all 年久, no matter how many cold months of rain keep you indoors.

Our team offers furnace services to make sure you can enjoy your home all 年久. Whether you need replacement, new installation, or 炉维修 in 波特兰 or 弯曲, our team is happy to take a look and make the right 服务的建议. 调用 今天 to schedule your free estimate on 新设备.

调用 (503) 783-8488 或提交一份 触点形式 online to schedule your replacement, new installation, or 炉维修 in 波特兰, 弯曲, or the surrounding areas 今天!

When to 调用 for 炉维修 In 弯曲 Or 波特兰

It doesn’t get much worse than shivering in your living room, going to flip on the heater, and having nothing happen. 好消息是 isn’t always a problem with the furnace itself. 我们的波特兰, 弯曲 HVAC technicians can visit your home to diagnose your heater’s issue and make the right 服务的建议.

With over 15 years in business, our team at 金字塔加热 & 冷却 has seen just about every problem there is when it comes to furnaces. Our NATE-certified 波特兰 炉维修 technicians can help you better understand the problems with your heater and take care of it.


1. 年老的时候, If your furnace is over 15 years old, you should think twice about repairing it. It's close to the end of its use and you should consider speaking to one of our specialists about furnace replacement in 波特兰.

2. 〇修理后再修理 While we're always happy to come in and repair your unit, it shouldn't need a repair every year. If you're getting to know our 波特兰 furnace repair experts by name, then consider replacement to save yourself some 从长远来看是钱.

3. Poor indoor air quality - As furnaces age, they may have the 趋势 to pump out dryer and dryer heat. We could always come in for a furnace tune-up to enhance your indoor air quality but it's possible that it's a problem beyond repair.

4. Utility bills on the rise - As furnaces age they will eventually get less efficient as time goes on. What this means is they'll need additional inputs to achieve the same indoor air temperature which will cost you each month.

5. 不一致的加热, If you're experiencing cold spots first make sure all your vents aren't blocked by furniture and then examine your ductwork. 如果这些不是 culprits it may be time to contact our 波特兰 furnace replacement specialists about getting a new unit because the heating element can be pricey to repair.

Furnace Installation 融资选择 Available

Appliances always seem to pick the worst times to break down. 如果你不 have the finances to cover a replacement for your furnace right now, Pyramid 加热 & 冷却可以帮助. 我们提供信用合作社 暖通空调的融资 to help you get what you need when you need it. 利率及贷款 amounts are subject to approval, so call 今天 to see if you qualify.

Get started with your repair, new installation, or furnace replacement in 波特兰, 弯曲, or nearby communities by contacting us online or calling (503) 783-8488 今天!

Our Values Set Us Apart

  • 健康家庭倡导者

    We're not just here to change your equipment. We want the overall health of your home to THRIVE.

  • 可用的24/7

    We have technicians available around-the-clock to service you when you need us most.

  • 我们的工艺

    We consistently deliver the highest level of quality installations, repairs, and service.

  • 我们的技术人员

    We are invested in our staff and technicians to ensure they receive the highest level of training.

  • 融资选择

    Our many financing options will give you the peace of mind you deserve. 


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